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Server Name A'Chard
Server Address A-CHARD.DDNS.NET
Server Port 9000
Discord https://discord.gg/gmHfqt2J2D
Reserved WCID Range(WCID SHEET) 8080000 - 8089999

Server Configurations

Server Configurations
Setting Value
Account House Limit (1)
advanced_combat_pets true
allow_fast_chug true
aetheria_drop_rate 1.21
container_opener_name true
Connections per IP ADDRESS Limited to (8)
corpse_destroy_pyreals true
corpse_spam_limit 10
default_subscription_level 4(ToD Pre-Order)
fastbuff true
fellow_busy_no_recruit false
fellowship_even_share_level 50
house_per_char false
mansion_min_rank 3
max_chars_per_account 15
olthoi_play_disabled true
permit_corpse_all false
pk_server true
pk_server_safe_training_academy false
pk_respite_timer 300(Five Minutes)
rare_drop_rate_percent 0.04
reportbug_enabled true
show_ammo_buff true
show_aura_buff true
spellcast_recoil_queue true
summoning_killtask_multicredit_cap 2
taboo_table true
teleport_visibility_fix 1
updated_loot_system true
xp_modifier 1.21

Server Special Notes

  • A'Chard is to be pronounced "A-Shard"
  • Rare Crystals are dispelled when you engage in combat with a player NOT in your monarchy.
  • House Rent is disabled until necessary.
  • The Marketplace is NPK for trade/buff bot usage on characters Level <=200.
  • Character name changes are not possible if the character has any ranked kills or deaths.
  • Characters DO NOT experience burden until Level 50
  • The Marketplace is an NPK zone to players Level <200. Feel free to setup a trade bot there.
  • Check AChard Commands for a list of custom player accessible command in game.
  • For in game help, try the #admin-ig-help https://discord.gg/dmyEzsMbRy channel on Discord or shoot me DM on Discord and I will get back to you ASAP.

Server Rules

  • No Threats to other users of DDoS, Death, DoX, abuse, and other malicious threats
  • No circumventing of concurrent connection max limit
  • No place for racism here. It will not be tolerated
  • No place for Child Abuse here. It will not be tolerated
  • No flagrant name sniping or you may receive a name change
  • Cheating / Exploits will be dealt with dealt with appropriately
  • Use of abusive language may prompt +Oracle to gag your character if necessary
  • Reporting a game breaking issue to me will most likely result in a gratuitous reward
  • I WILL BAN ACCOUNTS for using the Blink plugin in my custom areas.

Character Name Change Policy

In order to change your character's name, you must meet the following requirements.

  • You are only allowed (1) name change per character.
  • You must agree that your name change will be of public record which is assessable to all players via the stats website.
  • You must NOT be the owner of a house. If you have a house, it must be dropped before the change.
  • The prior character's PK rankings will be converted to the new name; the shame will follow you.

The requirements for a name change may change at any time without notice!

Server Mission Statement

A'Chard will stay live for as long as possible.

It will move, it will migrate or upgrade,

It could possibility go OFFLINE for a few days or weeks, but the server will return as soon as it is possible if there is an outage.

This is a NO BULLSHIT server

There will be very little to nearly ZERO administration and general bullshit.

I don't have any playable characters on the server. I don't have time to play on any server.

I am the ONLY in game +Admin and developer/tester both server side and content wise.

This is a solo project out of love for the game Asheron's Call.

This is a slow moving, on-going side project.

I have a real life that requires lots of my time.